Weave Truth With Trust


It should come as no surprise that a spider web is used to symbolize mystery and intrigue as well as weaving.  After all,  they both have the properties of complexity and things that can be unravelled.

And yes, I’m hard at it again–weaving new plot lines for my second novel while simultaneously weaving textiles for my new house.

Right now I’m struggling to identify all of the loose ends that will need to be tied up by the end of the story.  Sub-plots, suspects, motives, and opportunities to learn more about Tony and Joey and their lives at Oak Valley.  More secrets to be discovered and revealed.   More murder and mayhem.  Much more darkness before the dawn, etc. etc. etc.

a label from the cover of the Shuttle-Craft Guild Recipe Book

In a different chapter of my life, I have a blue and white, 10/2 perle cotton warp ready to put on my loom.  The pattern is for a wall hanging from the 1931 Mary Meigs Atwater’s  Shuttle-Craft Guild Recipe Book.  The “Recipe” is lovely and the adage is, “Weave Truth With Trust”.  The directions, however, leave a lot for interpretation.  Maybe this should be the title of the new book?  Hmm…

At any rate, one small disclosure for inquiring minds that want to know; events in the new book take place before the first.  (A.K.A a prequel.)  It isn’t the book that I planned to write next, but it is the one that the characters wanted and they almost always get what they want.

(This is a repost…my settings were off.  Thanks for your patience.)

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