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Report of the Oak Valley State Training School And Hospital

Contents Excerpted from:  Report of the Oak Valley State Training School And Hospital 1976-1978, Laurelville, TN
June 1, 1978

To the Board of Trustees of Oak Valley State Training School and Hospital:


I hereby respectfully submit the following report covering a two-year’s period ending May 31, 1978.

Owing to the fact that the only increases in funds have been those allocations for capital construction of the new cottages and dining facility authorized this legislative session practically all our progress during the two years, ending May 31, 1978, has been on restructuring the delivery of services at the Institution to improve efficiency without decreasing our quality of care.  Our average daily census and per diem costs may be found on Table 1 of the Appendix.

Some changes, which have been made, have not cost large sums of money.  These changes have been made with the idea of improving conditions from a safety, sanitary, saving, supervision or convenience standpoint.  The following examples illustrates this point:  a guard station was erected at the Highway 11E entrance to assure all visitors to the Institution are properly identified and authorized; furniture was replaced in the children’s building with DUR-A-LIFE preformed plastic seating to decrease the future replacement costs; and the Medical Library was relocated from the second floor to the basement of the infirmary.  The second floor of the infirmary was then renovated in order to provide for additional clinical space that is staffed by the Campbell State’s Medical Program.  Space for large public gatherings of employees and other state-related functions was created in the basement of the infirmary by removing two walls.

Flower gardens were planted outside Buildings F and G by faculty from Monroe Community College in appreciation for the Institution’s Student Internship Programs in pre-nursing and special education.

Initial construction on Redbud Lane, which will serve as the secondary artery to the new cottages, has begun with the new road serving as a construction entrance only until completion.

Owing to the fact that the majority of our locks were worn out or were easily opened by the residents, new locks for the doors, opening into the buildings, clothes rooms, etc. were secured.

The Canteen continued to be staffed, supplied, and operated through the activities of our very dedicated Parent-Guardian Association.  During this past year, items dispensed by the Canteen included items 8,047 sodas; 4,632 snack packs; and 7,232 candy bars.

On July 26, 1976 the last of the dairy cows and other livestock were sold, due to the cessation of the farm program.  Plans to renovate the Lower Oak Hollow farmhouse for use as a guesthouse are under consideration by the Parent-Guardian Association.

The Institution continues to serve as a research site for the joint aerospace technology program between the Piney Bluff Alternative Power Board (PRAPB) and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Department of Aerospace Technology.

The Institution was reviewed by representatives from the Accreditation Board on Mental Retardation Facilities during the week of October 15th 1977 and  received their approval for annual renewal of our accreditation status.

The good citizens of Laurelville and the Appalachian Relief Society donated new student desks and additional supplies for the school.

Holidays were celebrated with our annual Pageants with support from the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lions Club of Sevier Landing followed by the distribution of gifts in Assembly Hall.  Worship services were held every Sunday with the exception of the Governor’s visit on April 24, 1977.

Community Social Workers made a total of 46 visits to those former residents who have been transferred to pilot demonstration project group homes in the East Tennessee Region.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the loyal and efficient support given me by J. T. Cordell, Chief Physician; S. B. James, Procurement Officer; J.M. Smith, President of the Parent-Guardian Association; H.P. Dismukes, Accountant; and M. W. Jones, Chief Security Officer; and the heads of all of the other departments and those associated with them.

To the Board of Trustees I extend my thanks and consideration of their consideration of the matters herein and their dedicated support in everything pertaining to the administration of this Institution.

Respectfully Submitted,


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