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CUNY Presentation and Hillary Clinton on Sub-Minimum Wage

I have two news items to share today.  One is the link to the recorded version of the presentation I did about Disability Servitude at CUNY two weeks ago and the other features Hillary Clinton talking about eliminating the sub-minimum wage an article in the Atlantic.  I hope you find both of them informative and helpful in your advocacy efforts for wage equity for all workers with disabilities.






Click here for CUNY Presentation on Disability Servitude








Click Here For Article On Clinton and Sub-Minimum Wage

Noteworthy News

Image of new house

This week I am working on reviewing the proof pages and  building an index for Disability Servitude. The deadline is December 11th, just far enough away to get it all done.

I also received word that a poem that I submitted to a poetry contest sponsored by Open Minds Quarterly received an Honorable Mention!  It will be published in their 2015 fall edition. You can be on the look out for it here:

Open Minds Quarterly

The house building project is coming along, too.  We hope to have it done by Labor Day, 2016.  Stay tuned for the Open House of the Century invitation!